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Personalized Startpages with Bookmarks, Widgets & TV


Customizable Online Desktops
with 7+ widgets

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Browse visually entertaining, informative, or relaxing videos - randomly!

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Browser Extension Features

  • Organize your Bookmarks in Startpages
  • Available as a Firefox, Chrome & Edge Extension
  • Icon Dock to quick-launch your Bookmarks
  • Drag & Drop curated Hookito Bookmarks into your personal collection
  • Free-Version with lot's of features
  • Find & follow people with similar interests as yours
  • Add widgets to your startpage header:

Startpage Widgets

  • Beautiful Quotes
  • Current Weather
  • Natural Background Sounds like Ocean waves,
    Birds or Brown Noise to help you focus or keep you calm
  • Daily facts from the Subreddit "Today I Learned"
  • Radio widget with some of the best radios worldwide
  • Nature Background Videos
  • Productiviy Timer
  • Current Crypto Prices

Hookito Bookmarks

  • Discover the best of the web
  • Browse Courses, Books, Blogs, Tutorials, Art
  • Music, Movies, Documentations, Comedy, and more..
  • Save curated lists
  • Submit your favorite bookmarks
  • Upvote your favorite lists
  • Share your lists with your friends and followers

While Hookito is in beta, registration is invite-only. You can soon join the waiting list to reserve an early-bird spot. Invitations will be send out in batches by earliest registration-date.

Contact: hello [at]

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